How does it measure my throwing accuracy?

Tap the Ratings & Settings tab at the bottom of the screen:


Then tap the indicator alongside “Your DA Rating”:


Tap the indicator alongside “… by Measurement”:


That will bring up this screen:


Throw a dart at the exact centre of the dartboard. Then touch the screen to indicate the ring that the dart landed in. For example, if the dart landed in Treble ‘9’ you would touch somewhere –anywhere - in the Treble ring.  You don’t have to touch Treble ‘9’ itself. When it is measuring your throwing accuracy the Darts Assistant only needs to know how far you were from the centre of the board.

Notice that when you touch a ring it becomes highlighted in white:


The throw isn’t recorded until you lift your finger off the screen. When you do that, a table appears:


Throw another two darts and record where they landed. Then you’ll get this screen. It shows your estimated DA Rating in the top left corner and on the scale. The black bar indicates the 95% confidence interval .


Continue throwing darts as close to the exact centre as possible. As you do this you will see the estimate of your DA Rating becoming more precise. The 95% confidence interval will become  progressively narrower. When you have thrown at least 51 darts, tap the OK button. (You may throw more than 51 darts, if you wish. The more darts you throw, the more accurate the estimate will become.)


Tapping the OK button will return you to the Ratings & Settings screen, showing your new estimated DA Rating. The Darts Assistant will retain this rating when you close the application or power down the iPhone.